UK's Most Popular Hotel Brands | Brand Awareness Report

The hospitality sector, with its myriad offerings and ever-evolving trends, stands as a testament to the UK's rich tapestry of travel and accommodation experiences. Yet, amidst this bustling backdrop, certain hotel chains have etched an indelible mark, becoming synonymous with reliability, luxury, or sheer value for many Brits.

Through the analytical lens of Statista, a comprehensive online survey was undertaken in August 2022. Gathering insights from over 1,250 participants spanning various demographics, the results reveal a fascinating mosaic of the hotel brands that have firmly rooted themselves in the UK's collective psyche.

In the ensuing sections, we embark on an enlightening journey, unpacking the essence of each distinguished brand. From their foundational narratives to the unique experiences they curate for guests, we shine a spotlight on what makes these brands not just popular, but cherished.

Join us as we navigate the corridors of the UK's most iconic hotel chains, understanding the magic behind their marquee signs.

Statistic: Leading hotel brands ranked by brand awareness in the United Kingdom in 2022 | Statista

Premier Inn - 92%

Premier Inn is the UK's leading hotel brand, boasting an impressive network of over 800 hotels throughout the nation. Renowned for its affordable yet quality accommodations, it's the go-to choice for a wide range of travellers, from holidaymakers exploring the British Isles to professionals on business trips.

Interesting Fact: Premier Inn first opened its doors in 1987, with its debut location situated adjacent to "The Watermill" Beefeater restaurant in Basildon and was originally called “Travel Inn”.

Travelodge - 90%

Travelodge is one of the UK's most prominent budget hotel chains, providing straightforward, reliable accommodation for millions every year. With a footprint spanning cities, towns, and popular tourist destinations, it has firmly established itself as a trusted choice for those seeking value and simplicity on their travels.

Interesting Fact: The first UK Travelodge was launched in 1985 in Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, signifying the brand's entrance into the British hotel market after its success in the US.

Holiday Inn - 90%

Holiday Inn is an internationally recognised brand, originating in the US but quickly establishing a robust presence in the UK. Offering a blend of comfort and convenience, it caters to both leisure travellers and business professionals. Its widespread locations, from bustling city centres to picturesque countryside spots, make it versatile and accessible.

Interesting Fact: The first-ever Holiday Inn hotel was inspired by the lack of consistent and quality accommodation while travelling on the US highways. It was opened in 1952 in Memphis, Tennessee, by Kemmons Wilson.

Hilton - 89%

Hilton is a global powerhouse in the hospitality industry, with a reputation for luxury and top-tier service. In the UK, Hilton hotels are synonymous with elegance, often occupying prime locations in major cities and offering an array of amenities to cater to discerning travellers. Their commitment to innovation and guest satisfaction has solidified their standing in the hotel sector.

Interesting Fact: The first Hilton hotel wasn't the luxurious establishment we know today. Founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919, the first property was a 40-room hotel in Cisco, Texas. The brand has since grown to operate in 113 countries.

Butlin's - 86%

Butlin's is an iconic British brand, primarily known for its holiday camps situated across the UK's coastal areas. Established with the idea of providing affordable holidays for British families, Butlin's has evolved over the years, offering a mix of entertainment, leisure facilities, and accommodation options, making it a favoured choice for family getaways.

Interesting Fact: Sir Billy Butlin founded Butlin's in 1936 with the opening of the first resort in Skegness, Lincolnshire. The idea was sparked by his own holiday experience where he noticed guests at his fairground being turned away due to lack of local accommodation.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts - 82%

While globally celebrated for its theme parks, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts also represents a collection of themed hotels that immerse guests in the magical world of Disney. In the UK, while the parks reside in Paris, the brand recognition is strong due to the immersive experiences and stories brought to life. From grand Victorian elegance to rustic wilderness settings, each resort offers unique accommodations.

Interesting Fact: Walt Disney originally conceived the idea for Disneyland after visiting various amusement parks with his daughters in the 1930s and 1940s. He felt a need for a park where both parents and children could enjoy the attractions together. Disneyland in California, opened in 1955, was the first of the global Disney parks.

Marriott - 79%

Marriott International is a global lodging company with a diverse portfolio of hotels spanning various brands. In the UK, Marriott establishments range from luxury havens to business-centric accommodations, catering to a spectrum of travellers. Known for their impeccable service and high-quality amenities, Marriott hotels are often a top choice for those seeking a touch of sophistication.

Interesting Fact: The Marriott story began not as a hotel, but as a nine-stool root beer stand in Washington, D.C. in 1927. Founded by J. Willard and Alice Marriott, it was during the Depression era that they expanded into the food service business, setting the stage for future global expansion into the hotel industry.

Haven - 79%

Haven is a cherished name within the UK's holiday park scene, providing memorable coastal breaks in scenic locations. Boasting an array of static caravans, lodges, and pitches for tourers, Haven holiday parks have become synonymous with family-oriented vacations, offering activities, entertainment, and facilities tailored to all age groups.

Interesting Fact: Haven, with its roots in the 1960s, now operates over 40 holiday parks across the UK. Many of its locations are set in areas of natural beauty, from the rugged shores of Scotland to the serene beaches of Cornwall, ensuring guests are always close to the great British outdoors.

ibis - 75%

Ibis, part of the AccorHotels group, stands as a leading budget-friendly hotel chain offering comfortable and modern accommodations across the UK and globally. Recognised for its simplistic yet efficient design, Ibis caters to travellers seeking straightforward lodging without the hefty price tag, making it popular among both leisure and business guests.

Interesting Fact: The Ibis brand was created in 1974, and the first hotel opened in Bordeaux. Today, it operates in over 60 countries, with a commitment to providing essential comforts while maintaining affordability, as reflected in its "15-minute satisfaction guarantee" policy.

Savoy Hotel - 72%

The Savoy Hotel, situated on the Strand in London, is a byword for luxury, elegance, and world-class service. As one of the world's most iconic hotels, it has long been the choice of celebrities, royalty, and discerning travellers. Its historic Edwardian and Art Deco interiors are complemented by modern luxuries, creating a unique blend of the classic and contemporary.

Interesting Fact: Opened in 1889, The Savoy was the first luxury hotel in Britain to have electricity. Its name also graces the "Savoy Cocktail Book," published in 1930, which is considered a classic guide to cocktail-making. The book captures the essence of the glamorous Prohibition era. The Savoy was also a prominent feature in the romantic comedy film “Notting Hill”.

Best Western - 67%

Best Western is a global network of independently owned and operated hotels. In the UK, it offers a diverse range of accommodations from historic country houses to contemporary city centre properties. Each hotel retains its own character and charm while providing the consistent quality and service that Best Western is known for.

Interesting Fact: Despite its global footprint, Best Western began as a simple referral system among hoteliers in California in 1946. The name "Best Western" was derived from the fact that the original member hotels were located mostly in the western US. Today, the brand operates in over 100 countries.

Novotel - 67%

Novotel, part of the AccorHotels Group, is an internationally renowned midscale brand known for its modern design and multi-service offerings. In the UK, Novotel hotels are strategically placed in city centres, business districts, and near major transport hubs, making them convenient choices for both business and leisure travellers. Each establishment boasts contemporary rooms, fitness centres, and often, in-house dining options.

Interesting Fact: The first Novotel hotel opened its doors in Lille Lesquin, France, in 1967. It was designed with the modern traveller in mind and was a pioneer in introducing the concept of a hotel with no room keys, instead opting for a keycard system.

Four Seasons - 66%

Four Seasons is synonymous with opulence, exceptional service, and unparalleled luxury experiences. In the UK, this upscale brand offers discerning travellers a haven of tranquillity, world-class dining, and meticulous attention to detail. Often set in landmark locations, these hotels exemplify the brand's commitment to crafting unforgettable guest experiences, be it in a bustling city or a serene countryside retreat.

Interesting Fact: The Four Seasons brand embarked on its journey in 1961 with the opening of its first hotel in Toronto, Canada. The brand's founder, Isadore Sharp, envisioned a luxury hotel chain centred around exceptional personalised service, a vision that remains integral to the brand's ethos today.

Crowne Plaza - 64%

Crowne Plaza, part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), is a global upscale hotel brand tailored primarily for business travellers, meetings, and conventions. Strategically located in key urban centres, airports, and resort destinations in the UK, these hotels offer modern amenities, top-notch service, and spaces that promote productivity and relaxation.

Interesting Fact: The brand places a unique emphasis on helping guests "stay sharp", offering amenities such as dedicated Quiet Zones in some hotels where outside noise and housekeeping are minimised, ensuring guests can rest without interruptions during specific hours.

Radisson - 63%

Radisson is a distinguished international hotel brand celebrated for its Scandinavian-inspired hospitality. Across the UK, Radisson properties blend stylish design with comfort, catering to both business and leisure travellers. The brand is reputed for its proactive service ethos, ensuring that guests have everything they need for a seamless and enjoyable stay.

Interesting Fact: Originally founded in the US, the name "Radisson" was inspired by the 17th-century French explorer, Pierre-Esprit Radisson. The brand's evolution saw it aligning with the Scandinavian hotel group Rezidor, which led to the birth of Radisson's distinctive Nordic-inspired hospitality approach.

Ritz-Carlton - 63%

Ritz-Carlton is a beacon of luxury and sophistication in the hospitality world. In the UK, Ritz-Carlton hotels are synonymous with timeless elegance, exceptional service, and unparalleled guest experiences. Guests can expect meticulously crafted interiors, gourmet dining, and attentive staff who go above and beyond to create memorable moments.

Interesting Fact: The brand's legacy began with César Ritz, known as the "king of hoteliers and hotelier to kings", who opened the first Ritz Hotel in Paris in 1898. The brand's commitment to guest service is enshrined in its motto, "Ladies and Gentlemen serving Ladies and Gentlemen."

Mercure Hotels - 55%

Mercure, a brand under the AccorHotels umbrella, caters to both leisure and business travellers, offering a harmonious blend of local character with international standards. Across the UK, Mercure hotels are often nestled in unique locations, be it historic buildings, coastal spots, or city centres. Each property embraces the locale's flavour, ensuring guests experience the true essence of their destination.

Interesting Fact: Mercure prides itself on integrating local touches into its hotels, from decor inspired by the region to dishes that highlight local culinary traditions. Established in 1973, the brand now boasts over 790 hotels in 63 countries, each echoing the distinct character of its location.

Champneys - 52%

Champneys represents the zenith of health and wellness retreats in the UK. Rooted in over 90 years of history, its spa resorts and day spas offer a sanctuary for those seeking rejuvenation of mind, body, and soul. Guests can indulge in a plethora of treatments, nutritious gourmet meals, and participate in fitness classes, all set in serene, picturesque surroundings.

Interesting Fact: Founded in 1925 by naturopath Stanley Lief, Champneys Tring was Britain's first health farm. Lief's vision was to create a place where guests could escape the hustle of daily life, focusing solely on their health and wellbeing. Today, Champneys continues to lead the way in the UK's health and wellness sector.

Sheraton - 52%

Sheraton, part of the Marriott International family, is a global hotel brand celebrated for its commitment to community and connection. In the UK, Sheraton hotels provide a welcoming environment with spacious rooms, modern amenities, and versatile event spaces. The brand's emphasis on fostering connections can be seen in its signature communal spaces that encourage guests to come together.

Interesting Fact: Sheraton was founded in 1937, with its first property being a small hotel in Springfield, Massachusetts. The brand's name doesn't come from its founders; instead, it was named after "The Sheraton Hotel" in Boston, which was the first property they acquired that already had a large lighted sign on the roof, and they wanted to save on costs by not changing it.

Hyatt - 51%

Hyatt is a global hospitality brand renowned for its pursuit of empathetic guest service, purposeful design, and high-end amenities. Across the UK, Hyatt hotels offer guests a refined experience, whether it's in bustling city hubs or serene retreats. From state-of-the-art event spaces to luxurious spa treatments, the brand prioritises the well-being and comfort of its patrons.

Interesting Fact: The genesis of Hyatt traces back to 1957 when Jay Pritzker purchased the Hyatt House motel near the Los Angeles International Airport. The Pritzker family saw potential in expanding the motel concept, and from that single location, Hyatt has now blossomed into a global brand with hundreds of properties around the world.

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