Film Buff’s Bucket List: 10 Iconic UK Hotels in Cinema

There's something undeniably captivating about iconic hotels that have graced the silver screen. Steeped in cinematic history, these hotels have played unforgettable roles in classic films, transporting us to faraway worlds and grand romantic tales.

When you step into one of these legendary establishments, you're not just checking into a hotel - you're entering the very scenes that once captivated your imagination. It's an opportunity to experience the glamour, mystery, and allure of the movies, but in real life.

From the opulent splendour of Wayne Manor in "Batman Begins" to the eerie grandeur of "The Haunting" Hill House, these hotels offer more than just a luxurious stay. They provide a unique and immersive experience that connects you with the magic of cinema.

So, why not seize the chance to live out your own cinematic fantasy? Book a room, and let the reel roll!

The Savoy, London - Notting Hill (1999)

The Savoy Hotel in London holds a special place in cinema history due to its prominent feature in the romantic comedy film "Notting Hill."

In the movie, the hotel serves as a backdrop for a press conference scene where the characters William Thacker (Hugh Grant) and Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) share a memorable moment. This scene, in particular, added to the movie's charm and allure, forever linking The Savoy with the magic of the film.

Beyond its cinematic fame, The Savoy is an iconic establishment in its own right. Founded in 1889, the hotel boasts a rich history of luxury, elegance, and world-class service, having played host to numerous celebrities, royals, and notable personalities over the years.

Its prime location on the banks of the River Thames places it in close proximity to London's key attractions, including Covent Garden, the West End theatres, and Trafalgar Square. With its sumptuous rooms, impeccable service, and a rich tradition of excellence, The Savoy continues to offer guests an unrivalled experience, making it not only an iconic film location but also a truly exceptional place to stay.

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The Langham, London - GoldenEye (1995)

The Langham Hotel in London is an iconic landmark that holds a special place in film history due to its appearance in the James Bond movie "GoldenEye." In the film, the hotel serves as the exterior of St. Petersburg's Grand Hotel Europe where Bond, played by Pierce Brosnan, stays while on his mission in Russia.

This scene, with its thrilling espionage undertones, adds an air of international intrigue and glamour to The Langham's already prestigious reputation.

Beyond its cinematic claim to fame, The Langham has long been recognized as one of London's most luxurious and esteemed hotels. Established in 1865, it is often regarded as Europe's first "grand hotel," known for its opulent design, world-class amenities, and impeccable service.

The hotel has hosted a wide range of notable guests, from royalty to celebrities. Its prime location in the heart of the West End makes it the perfect base for exploring London's cultural, shopping, and entertainment districts. Guests can enjoy gourmet dining at its Michelin-starred restaurant, relax at the award-winning spa, or simply revel in the splendour of its lavishly appointed rooms and suites.

Staying at The Langham is not just about accommodations, it is about experiencing a piece of London's rich history and luxury.

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Headland Hotel, Cornwall - The Witches (1990)

In the 1990 movie adaptation of Roald Dahl's beloved book "The Witches," the bewitching Headland Hotel in Cornwall served as the location for the nefarious "Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children" meeting, which, as it turned out, was merely a cover for a sinister convention of witches! Amidst the grandeur of the hotel, the wicked Grand High Witch, played by the incomparable Anjelica Huston, revealed her diabolical plan to turn all children into mice.

Beyond its cinematic infamy, the Headland Hotel is a splendid Cornish gem perched on a dramatic cliff top overlooking the majestic Fistral Beach. It's a place where guests can be charmed without the risk of being turned into rodents.

With its captivating ocean views, elegant Victorian architecture, and luxurious rooms, it's easy to feel like you've been swept away into a magical world. Guests can indulge in the hotel's sumptuous spa, savour delicious meals with stunning sea views, and explore the enchanting Cornish coastline.

So, whether you're on the hunt for witches or simply looking to relax in style, the Headland Hotel is the perfect potion of luxury, adventure, and enchantment. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for any suspicious-looking women in wigs!

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Claridge's Hotel, London - The Great Gatsby (2013)

When Jay Gatsby throws a party, it's not just any party—it's an extravagant, roaring, larger-than-life event that's the talk of the town. So, when the 2013 film adaptation of "The Great Gatsby" needed a location to match its opulence, Claridge's Hotel in London fit the bill. While the story is set in 1920s New York, the film utilised the luxurious art-deco interiors of Claridge's to serve as the setting for the high-society scenes, oozing old-world charm and glamour.

Beyond its cinematic moment, Claridge's is a gem in the heart of London's Mayfair district, exuding luxury and sophistication since its doors opened in 1856. The hotel has played host to royalty, celebrities, and world leaders alike, earning it the moniker "the annexe to Buckingham Palace." With its sumptuous rooms, exquisite dining options, and impeccable service, staying at Claridge's is like stepping into a world of elegance and refinement that even Gatsby would approve of.

So, whether you're looking for a Gatsby-style rendezvous, or simply want to immerse yourself in classic luxury, Claridge's is the place to stay. As Jay Gatsby might say, "old sport," there's nowhere quite like it!

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The Gore Hotel, London - The Italian Job (1969)

If you ever find yourself humming the iconic tune "Self Preservation Society" from "The Italian Job," you might just catch a hint of The Gore Hotel in your memory. This classic London establishment played a starring role in the 1969 heist comedy film, serving as the home base for Michael Caine's character, Charlie Croker. The grandeur of the hotel, with its ornate Victorian style, adds a dash of British charm to the already captivating movie.

Beyond its filmic fame, The Gore Hotel has been hosting high society since 1892, so don't be surprised if you spot the occasional Bentley parked outside. Located in Kensington, the hotel is a stone's throw away from the iconic Royal Albert Hall and Hyde Park. With each room uniquely decorated with sumptuous fabrics and antique furnishings, a stay at The Gore is like stepping back in time to the era of dashing gentlemen and elegant ladies.

So, whether you're planning a heist on an Italian convoy (strictly in your imagination, of course) or just looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of London, The Gore Hotel is your getaway car to a world of charm and elegance. Just don't forget your Italian Job-style sunglasses and sharp suits!

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The Lanesborough, London - Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Lights, camera, action! The Lanesborough Hotel in London had its moment in the cinematic spotlight when it was featured in Stanley Kubrick's 1999 psychological drama "Eyes Wide Shut." Its opulent decor and luxurious atmosphere made it the perfect backdrop for Tom Cruise's character, Dr. Bill Harford, as he navigated a mysterious and seductive world that would set anyone's heart racing.

But there's more to The Lanesborough than its big-screen allure. This five-star hotel in Knightsbridge has an air of sophistication that rivals the royal palaces nearby. Stepping into The Lanesborough is like entering a different era, with chandeliers that sparkle like diamonds, rich wooden furnishings, and sumptuous fabrics that transport you to a world of timeless luxury.

The Lanesborough is a true London gem that offers a taste of the high life. Guests can indulge in the Michelin-starred restaurant, unwind at the world-class spa, or simply sip on a cup of Earl Grey while watching the world go by from their plush suite.

So, if you're looking to unravel the mysteries of your own life or just fancy a taste of cinematic luxury, The Lanesborough is the place to be—just keep your eyes wide open to take it all in!

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The Old Bell Hotel, Malmesbury - Stardust (2007)

"Stardust" may have had viewers starry-eyed, but The Old Bell Hotel in Malmesbury was one of the unsung heroes of the 2007 fantasy film. In the magical realm where stars fall from the sky and princes scheme for the throne, The Old Bell was transformed into the charming inn where Tristan and Yvaine, played by Charlie Cox and Claire Danes, find themselves in a bit of a pickle with some ancient witches.

But it's not just witches and fallen stars you'll find at The Old Bell; this historic hotel is known for its cosy charm and centuries of stories. Founded in 1220, it proudly boasts the title of "England's oldest hotel," and has more tales to tell than the average building. It's said that the legendary philosopher Thomas Hobbes penned part of "Leviathan" here.

The Old Bell's quaint rooms, antique furnishings, and proximity to Malmesbury Abbey make it an ideal destination for history buffs and lovers of the whimsical. So, pack your bags, grab your magic amulets, and set out for a stay that's out of this world at The Old Bell Hotel. Just keep an eye out for any shooting stars—you never know what you might find!

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Ballathie House Hotel, Perthshire - The Queen (2006)

When it comes to "The Queen," starring Helen Mirren as the indomitable monarch, the Ballathie House Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland, played a vital role in setting the royal stage. The film showcases the aftermath of Princess Diana's tragic death and the Queen's response. The Scottish Highlands, depicted in part by the Ballathie House Hotel, serve as the backdrop for the Queen's retreats to the tranquillity of her beloved Balmoral estate.

Ballathie House is a Scottish jewel, complete with rich history and a touch of royalty in its halls. Here, you can wander the lush grounds, soak in the tranquil riverside setting, and indulge in gourmet cuisine that would satisfy even a royal palate. With its luxurious rooms and warm Scottish hospitality, you'll be forgiven for feeling like royalty during your stay.

As you sip your Scotch whisky by the fireplace, you might just catch a glimpse of Helen Mirren, decked out in full regalia, passing by in the corridors. Ballathie House offers a royal experience minus the paparazzi, so you can enjoy your stay in peace and style, fit for a queen (or king)!

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Luton Hoo Hotel, Luton - Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

In the 1994 classic rom-com "Four Weddings and a Funeral," Luton Hoo Hotel played the starring role of the grand, sweeping backdrop for the film's second wedding. Remember the extravagant, upper-crust ceremony that had Charles (Hugh Grant) in a tizzy? Well, that memorable scene was set at Luton Hoo's stunning mansion house, and it was as picture-perfect as any wedding could be.

But Luton Hoo is more than just a movie backdrop – it's a sprawling estate that practically oozes luxury and history. With 1,065 acres of breathtaking gardens and parkland designed by none other than Capability Brown, it's like stepping into your own period drama. The rooms are palatial, the service is impeccable, and the spa is the ultimate in indulgence.

So, why not put on your finest wedding attire and make your way to Luton Hoo for a stay worthy of a rom-com? Whether you're attending a wedding, reenacting iconic movie scenes, or simply enjoying a lavish weekend escape, Luton Hoo offers an experience fit for the silver screen. And who knows, you might just have your own romantic comedy moment!

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Ettington Park Hotel, Warwickshire - The Haunting (1963)

If you're looking for a hotel that goes bump in the night, look no further than Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire! This stunning neo-Gothic mansion was the eerie setting for the 1963 horror classic "The Haunting." Remember the grand, atmospheric house that seemed to come alive with sinister energy? That's Ettington Park, where you can almost hear the creaks and whispers echoing through the halls.

But don't let its spooky cinematic history deter you! Ettington Park is the epitome of luxury and charm, with a touch of the mystical. The hotel boasts luxurious rooms, impeccable service, and even its very own library where you can immerse yourself in a classic ghost story (if you dare).

Set in a stunning 40-acre parkland along the River Stour, this hotel offers a picturesque escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Whether you're a thrill-seeker hoping to spot a spectre or just looking for a grand, romantic getaway, Ettington Park has it all. So check in, explore the stunning grounds, and enjoy the opulence of this historic estate. Just remember, if the walls start to whisper, it's all part of the experience!

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