Why are hotel beds so comfortable?


Why are hotel beds so comfortable?

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There’s just something about hotel beds, right? They always seem so comfortable and luxurious – but why? Well, there a number of logical explanations, some of them less ‘magical’ than you might think (sorry)…


1. Hotel beds are made differently to ‘normal’ beds

Hotel beds differ from ‘normal’ domestic beds, as they are required by law to uphold certain standards during manufacturing:

  • All beds and mattresses used in hotel settings must adhere to fire safety standards.
  • One of the leading furniture associations (FIRA) recently introduced a new standard ensuring that hotel beds can easily withstand frequent use.

2. Hotels are likely to purposely choose better beds

I mean, think about it. If you have a rubbish night’s sleep on a rubbish hotel bed, you’re probably not going to be very happy. You definitely won’t plan to use that specific hotel (or maybe even another branch of the same chain) again. If it was that uncomfortable, you might even write a negative review about the hotel.

That is the last thing any hotel wants. They want you to be happy and comfortable. They want you to come back and they REALLY want you to write great reviews.

So, quite simply, hotels usually invest a large amount of money in quality beds and mattress, to ensure their guests have the best possible quality of sleep.

3. They use mattress toppers/protectors

Many hotels will use feather or memory foam mattress toppers to make the beds even more comfortable, whilst also protecting the mattress.

4. A good hotel will regularly turn the mattress

Unless, of course, they have a newer mattress (notably, memory foam) that doesn’t require turning. However, they will probably still rotate the mattress.

Turning and rotating prolongs the life of a mattress, by avoiding compressions and dips forming (due to regular use).

5. It’s all in your head

Slightly disappointing, but a lot of people simply sleep better on a hotel mattress because they are happier in general. Holiday’s relax and de-stress us, and we often sleep better as a result.


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