5 Best Zip & Link Beds For 2022

Zip and link beds are a common sight within hotels. They provide great flexibility for the hotel as these beds can be zipped together or separated within seconds, allowing you to change the dynamic of a room seamlessly.

This style of bed is commonly used by hotel and guest accommodation providers but has been growing in popularity over the years in the domestic market - and for good reason.

For a complete rundown on exactly what a zip and link bed is, head over to our article telling you just that.

But for now, let’s give you a quick summary of the benefits of zip and link beds.

Benefits Of Zip and Link Beds

  • Individual Mattress Support - typically, zip and link beds are two single beds that can be zipped together to form one larger bed. This means that two separate mattresses are used to complete a zip and link bed which allows users who share a bed to choose different mattresses to suit their preferences. Some people prefer firmer mattresses while others enjoy a softer feel as they sleep.
  • Easy To Install - The fact these beds can separate means manoeuvring them down narrow hallways and staircases is a breeze. The size and weight of these bed frames and mattresses ensure you’ll always be able to relocate these beds as and when required.
  • Versatile Sleeping Solution - Being able to maximise a room’s occupancy on short notice can be the difference between a sale or that room being left empty for the night. Zip and link beds ensure you can change up the dynamic of a room quickly. For example, a twin room (two singles) can be changed to a double room (one double/king size bed) within seconds. You can also create a family room (one double, one single) by utilising half of a zip and link bed from another room.
  • Abundance of Storage - Each of our zip and link beds are able to utilise the divan base underneath. Choose from a wide range of storage solutions. From simple side drawers to suitcase storage and even hidden guest beds.

Now you’ve been clued up on the benefits of zip and link beds, let’s dive right into our top 5 best zip and link beds for 2022.

The 5 Best Zip & Link Beds For 2022

Explore our recommendations for the Best Zip & Link Beds For 2022. Use the links below.

  1. Chelsea Contract Zip & Link Bed
  2. Pocket Dream 1000 Zip And Link Bed
  3. Natural Choice 6000 Zip And Link Bed
  4. Posture 2000 Zip And Link Bed
  5. Marquess 3000 Zip And Link Bed

Learn more about our Zip & Link Bed Products:

Chelsea Contract Zip & Link Bed

The Chelsea Zip and Link Bed is one of our most customer reviewed beds we offer. An extremely popular choice within our zip and link bed range and a great entry-level product into the world of zip and link beds.

The medium feel 9’’ mattress features an open coil spring unit with multi-layered hypoallergenic fillings.

Enjoy our exclusive soft touch knitted fabric which is used on the mattress surface to give luxurious comfort. This fabric is exceptionally absorbent, removing moisture as you sleep leaving you to awake after a nights sleep fully refreshed.

The side of the mattress includes our unique firm edge guard support which helps ensure the mattress will not dip at the mattress border. This helps maximise the sleeping surface area. 

Flag-stitched turning handles make it easy for you to flip and/or relocate the mattress as and when needed while the air vents on the side of the mattress allow for moisture to evaporate throughout the day.

Ten fabric colours, ten storage options and two bed sizes to choose from.

Pocket Dream 1000 Zip And Link Bed

The Pocket Dream 1000 is largely described as a benchmark zip and link bed and is a common choice for hotels and B&B’s such as Ramada Inn, Days Inn and Welcome Break.

Handcrafted and lovingly made in our UK workshops.

The 10’’ deep mattress gives a medium feel to the user and features 1000 of our unique iDentity individual pocket springs, all working independently from one another to give personalised contoured support while you sleep.

Multiple layers of hypoallergenic fillings are layered on top of the spring unit held in place with cotton tufts. These fillings are then covered with our exclusive soft touch knitted mattress fabric helping maintain your comfort throughout the entire night.

We understand that hotels are high traffic businesses, that’s why we offer our unique stain guard vinyl treatment to the bed base. This treatment makes the base water repellent and also creates an easy to wipe clean surface.

Choose from ten fabric colours, ten storage options and three bed sizes.

Natural Choice 6000 Zip And Link Bed

Our Natural Choice 6000 is the best of the best. A top choice for high-end boutique hoteliers who want to really give their guests that ‘wow’ factor.

Lovingly handmade by our master craftsmen with techniques refined and handed down over generations, you’ll be blown away by the quality of the Natural Choice 6000.

Available in a medium feel mattress, this Natural Choice has a staggering 6000 unique iDentity individual pocket springs which are nested in a honeycomb formation maximising support and comfort.

Each individual spring uses the finest quality steel which is then encased in it’s own calico pocket to ensure breathability through the entire mattress.

Long-lasting natural fibres and fillings are gently laid over the springs giving the ultimate in comfort. On top of this cotton is a soft layer of springy wool used for its insulation, enabling the mattress to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer with the aid of cashmere and silk.

As with all our zip and link beds, choose from various fabric colours, storage options, bed sizes and whether or not you’d like your base fabric to be treated with our unique stainguard vinyl.

Posture 2000 Zip And Link Bed

We pride ourselves on quality over quantity. This is why each of our divan beds are individually made to order by hand by our master craftsmen.

Our Posture 2000 model is part of our firmer feel orthopaedic backcare range, specifically designed for those sleepers who prefer a firmer feeling mattress where you ‘lay-on’ the mattress rather than ‘lay-in’ the mattress.

The Posture 200, as you might have guessed, houses 2000 unique iDentity pocket springs - each made from the finest quality steel and encased in its own calico pocket.

The springs work independently from one another, providing excellent spinal support as well as allowing for the hips and shoulders to gently make them feel at home in the mattress as the springs arch up into the small of your back for valuable support.

The top of the mattress features a quilted soft-top for luxurious comfort, while the firmer feel underneath makes sure you don’t sink too much into the mattress.#

Once again, this divan has the choice of ten beautiful fabric colours, ten storage options, three bed sizes and the option to treat the base fabric with our unique stainguard vinyl.

Marquess 3000 Zip And Link Bed

The Marquess 3000 is a popular choice for Guest Houses and AirBnB’s.

Handmade to order, the Marquess 3000 features 3000 of our unique iDentity pocket springs, utilising cutting edge technology to ensure you are provided with the correct lumbar and spinal support as you sleep.

Hypoallergenic fillings are then hand layered giving enhanced recovery and allowing natural temperature regulation to help prevent overheating whilst softly contouring to the shape of your body.

The mattress is finished off with soft touched knitted fabric which is extremely absorbent, helping remove moisture to keep you dry and refreshed as you sleep.

Do Zip & Link Beds Come With Headboards?

All of our zip and link headboards across the site are sold separately. Since Zip & Link beds utilise the ability to separate, it is of course recommend that you buy two matching headboards to fit your zip and link bed.

This allows you to keep the headboard attached as you separate the beds as and when required.

Below you’ll find a table showing you which headboard size is required for which size zip and link bed.

Zip & Link Bed Bed Size Headboard Headboard Size
King Size Zip and Link 5'0'' x 6'3'' (150cm x 190cm) Small Single x 2 2’6’’
Continental King Size Zip and Link 5'6" x 6'3" (165 cm x 190 cm) Conti Single x 2 2’9’’
Super King Size Zip and Link 6'0" x 6'3" (180 cm x 190 cm) Standard Single x 2 3’0’’

Can You Manufacturer Zip & Link Beds In Different Sizes?

In a nutshell - yes. We can design and build your order to your exact specifications. Our bespoke range is vast, offering you the opportunity to own a completely customised bed frame and/or mattress.

Any size, any fabric, we can do it. For larger orders, we can replace our Natural Choice branding with that of your own. The ultimate in personalised finishes to bespoke beds and mattresses.

For a complete rundown on our bespoke service, check out our HotelContractBeds bespoke guide.

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