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Why Are Hotel Mattresses So Comfortable?

It’s a common feeling, ending your stay at a nice hotel, and realising you just had one of the best night’s sleep in a long while. A lot can contribute to this feeling, but more often than not, it’s the quality of the mattress that seemed to have made the difference.

So, why is it that hotel mattresses are just so comfortable?

Good hoteliers know that sleep quality can make or break a guest's stay at their hotel. No matter how good the rest of their experience was, a bad night’s sleep can turn the tables heavily. While some things can be out of a hoteliers control, such as city noise pollution, making sure what you can control is top of the range can have a profound impact.

This is where the quality of the mattress comes into play. Hoteliers tend to spare no expense when it comes to mattress quality. Hotel mattresses are no ordinary domestic mattress. They are high-end quality, with the spring quantity to back it up.

There’s no secret to the comfort, the mattresses hoteliers tend to provide are just very high quality and are sourced from reputable manufacturers.

Are hotel mattresses made differently to domestic mattresses?

In short, yes. But perhaps not in a way you might expect. While the way they are made, comfort-wise, maybe similar to domestic mattresses, every mattress used in a commercial setting must go through rigorous testing.

All commercial businesses that use beds and mattresses must legally use contract furniture. This furniture complies with Source 5 (also known as Crib 5) regulations.

This test is part of the British Standard (BS) 7177, which is a flame retardant test. This ensures the product will not go up in flames should a fire break out.

What type of mattresses do hotels use?

Mattresses come in a variety of types, from pocket spring to memory foam. From soft-feeling to very-firm. There is no one type fits all sort of mattress. As individuals, we all have a preference when it comes to mattresses - this is why hoteliers opt for the very best they can get their hands on, in an effort to minimise the risk of not providing a mattress that the guest may not like.

While at home a guest may prefer a domestic open-coil mattress, they may find they enjoy a high-quality hotelier approved pocket spring mattress.

Pocket Spring

As the name suggests, a pocket spring mattress contains individual springs, each sewn into their own pockets of fabric. This enables each spring to have complete freedom from one another, moving independently.

This freedom can provide better pressure relieving support on your body and also helps when another person is in the same bed as you. Without the individual pockets, one person rolling over during the night can move the other person, leading to a poor night’s sleep.

Our pocket spring mattresses range from 1000 individual pocket springs, all the way to 6000.

Open Coil

Open coil mattresses tend to be the ‘cheaper’ option on the hotelier market but still provide a fantastic option, especially for those looking for a firmer feeling product. 

These mattresses consist of an inter-connected spring system and are measured in ‘gauges’ which will indicate the thickness of the wire used. The lower the number, the thicker the spring, which will typically result in a firmer mattress.

Memory Foam

Memory foam has surged in popularity over the recent years and provides remarkable support and comfort. The material will use your body heat to help soften and mould the mattress to your shape.

The memory foam will help evenly distribute your body weight to reduce pressure from the heaviest parts of your body. This can relieve aches and pains as you sleep and also promote healthier blood circulation.

Zip and Link

Zip and link mattresses tend to be only seen at hotels due to their versatility. But over the years, the domestic market has gotten wind of the benefits of Zip and Link mattresses, and are actively looking to take these benefits home.

Zip and Link mattresses provide a zip down the centre of a double or bigger mattress, enabling a hotelier to separate them if required. But what this zip also allows is for two types of mattresses to be zipped together, enabling the perfect recipe for couples with different mattress preferences.

While one member of a couple may enjoy a firmer open coil mattress, the other may like the warmth and feel of a memory foam mattress. This is where zip and link mattresses flourish in the domestic market.

Do you sell to the domestic market?

While we are HotelContractBeds in name, all our products are available to the general public, with no minimum order value required.

We understand the need for a good night’s sleep and we know that hotel quality mattresses can provide that.

Many of our customers have contacted us on the back of sleeping on one of our beds at their recent hotel stay.

Should you have any questions regarding our mattresses, do not hesitate to call our friendly customer team on 01234 834693.