The nightmare of buying beds for other people


The nightmare of buying beds for other people

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Buying a bed is a very personal decision. Some people decide to try out every bed in every showroom within a 100 mile radius just to make sure that they have chosen the correct one. Then inevitably they will go back to first one they ever tried.

They will, however, be safe in the knowledge that it was the best and they will have no regrets. When this is something that you will be sleeping on every night for a long time (if you choose a good quality one) then it is important to make sure you get the decision right. So how difficult is it when trying to choose a bed for someone else? Or even a whole range of different people with different likes and dislikes.

Who buys beds for someone else?

People tend to think of a bed as a very individual and personal purchase. However, there are so many places that use shared beds. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, even a spare bedroom for guests in a private house. The owners of these places need to make the big decisions about which contract beds they should buy.

Why is the choice of bed so important?

When choosing a bed, the owners of the hotels etc. need to try and make sure that the guests are going to be comfortable. Uncomfortable guest’s mean they might not come back and are even more unlikely to tell friends and family how wonderful their stay was. It is a fact that people are quicker to reveal their bad experiences before they tell anyone what was good, so if the bed is wrong it could be the first thing they tell people and the only thing that sticks in their minds.

Comfy bed & good service = repeat business!

But you can’t please everyone

There are so many beds and so many mattresses to choose from that it is impossible to select one that every person who will sleep in it will enjoy.

It is generally accepted that if you go for the cheapest, budget option for your establishment then be prepared for a few moans and groans about their night’s sleep. Which is why we recommend (Well we would wouldn’t we) that you always push your bed budget to as high as possible. Not only will it go down well with your guests, but it’s likely to last a lot longer than the budget mattresses or beds.

As we have outlined about, people tend to be more forthcoming with their issues, so it could be assumed that every person who doesn’t tell you that they slept badly had the best night’s sleep of their entire life! Well that’s how we like to see it anyway.

Don’t forget, if you need advice on choosing the correct bed for your establishment then just give us a call and we’ll be happy to advise.

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