How Is a Contract Bed Made?

Ever wondered how a contract bed is made? Well, wonder no more! Here we’ve provided a detailed insight into our mattress and bed manufacturing process, with footage direct from our UK factory.

We believe that allowing our customers to see how our mattresses and beds are made enables them to make an informed decision about the best bedding that meets their individual needs and requirements.

So read on below for the easy-to-follow HotelContractBeds guide to bed manufacturing...

Mattress Unit

With a Bonnell open coil spring unit, a 9-gauge steel rod edge is fixed around the perimeter of the mattress edge, giving it additional support and increasing the mattress’s sleeping area. To further reinforce the mattress edge, we also install a Z-sprins between the top and bottom top and bottom edge of the spring mattress unit.

Alternatively, we can supply pocket sprung mattresses; as the name suggests, these mattresses contain large numbers of springs that are encased in individual pockets. The small pocket coils help to dissipate weight; when a person lies on a pocket sprung mattress, the weight-bearing pressure points such as hips and shoulders sink into the comfortable contours of the mattress.

Like the Bonnell open coil spring unit, pocket sprung mattresses are also reinforced at the edges with a flat steel rod.


Filling a mattress is a bit like making a sandwich, where multilayer fillings are added on top of the springs. At HotelContractBeds, we offer a selection of polyester, cotton, wool silk and cashmere fillings that conform to Crib 5/Source 5 standards.

The next manufacturing stage depends on the type of mattress; some mattresses go through a micro-quilting process whereby the layered fillings are secured together, with the top fabric mattress cover on a specialist quilting mechanism. Because micro-quilting is faster and less labour intensive, it tends to be the favoured upholstery technique on high volume selling lines.

In firmer mattresses, the top mattress cover is secured to the multi-layer fillings via a hand tufting technique, as the tufting helps to retain tension within the spring units.

Tape Edging & Fixings

Once the mattress fillings and covers have been quilted, and before tufting, the borders of the mattress and mattress top are fixed together via the tape-edging method.

The mattresses are then ready for hand-tufting if required. All of our mattresses are also finished with hand-stitched side borders, which again enables extra edge-to-edge support, as well as brass air vents for increased air circulation throughout the mattress. Each mattress we manufacture and supply also features two flag-stitched turning handles on each side, with some mattresses also featuring an extra handle at the foot end to enable easy mattress turning as necessary.

Divan Base

Our divan bases are constructed from timber spruce frames that have been glued and secured together. As the main loading-bearing area of the bed, the castor blocks are also reinforced within the frame for extra support and robustness.

The bed platform top is fixed with supporting slats, which are then covered with post-formed board to enable the upholstery. If divan drawers have been requested, then the drawer runners are also fitted at this stage.

The bases are fitted with brass linking bars which enable easy access as the bases are built in two parts. The two-part base also enables easy separation of zip and link beds from a large double bed, to two singles, making the linked beds a versatile option.


At HotelContractBeds, we offer a range of divan base feet styles, from singular wheel castors, brass shepherd castors, and tapered beech legs to wooden tulip beech legs for additional under-bed space.

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