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Turn to the Light: A Surprising Way to Improve Sleep Using Illumination

It’s a known fact that darkness helps people sleep better. Backed by scientific studies, darkness is a stimulus to the body that it’s time to rest and relax. At this point, any sudden or gradual exposure to light can cause the body to retain an active state immediately. In fact, any stimuli such as sound or touch can wake up a person at this point.

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Just How Bad is Sleep Deprivation?

Sure, everyone pulls an all-nighter every now and then. You’ve probably experienced for yourself those symptoms often associated with lack of sleep – tiredness, grumpiness, confusion and a general slowing-down of your reactions and concentration. 

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What are your sleeping habits? (Infographic)

For many of us, sleeping is something we wish we could get more of. Modern day life can be quite hectic at times, which naturally can increases our stress levels. This can play a big part in the way we sleep at night.For some people, shutting themselves off for the night is a breeze. Give them 5 minutes, and they are in the land of nod. However, for others, sleeping is a task that they wish was a lot simpler.

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Music To Fall Asleep To

Listening to music at bedtime doesn’t work for everybody. Some people prefer total silence as they drift off to sleep and find that music of any description just keeps them awake. For those who do, however, the selection of which tunes play can be tough. You want something you enjoy that is peaceful and relaxing but not too distracting, and ideally something that will send you to sleep in a good mood so you are more likely to wake up happy as well. Whale songs, tubular bells and all sorts of ambient noises have been billed as the best things to fall asleep to, but that’s just marketing. Now, however, there is a definitive list.

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