How to Buy Giant Beds - Alaskan King Bed Buyer’s Guide

**All our bed frames and mattresses (including giant beds) are available to both the commercial and domestic market**

Giant beds are somewhat elusive. Rarely do manufacturers or retail companies have the ability to supply these beds but as we’ve found out from existing customers and search intent across the web, people are indeed after these ‘out of the ordinary’ giant beds.

Super king size is the largest standard bed and mattress size here in the UK. Every bed retailer will sell this size bed, but rarely will they sell anything bigger. Super king size measures in at 6 feet wide by 6 feet 6 inches long. In metric terms, this is 180cm wide and 200cm long.

While this size is big enough for the majority of households, some families, couples or individuals fancy even larger bed frames, and that’s where giant bed frames come in.

What Is a Giant Bed?

Giant beds (or long beds) are considered anything that is larger than the biggest standard UK size - that being a super king (6’0’’ x 6’6’’). They offer immense size and the abundance of space can generally cater for two to six people at a time (along with a pet or two).

Standard UK bed sizes are readily available to order from stock, however, giant beds will most likely be made-to-order.

Giant beds are purpose-built and can be built in any dimension (within reason). There are a few names that circulate across the web that you may have heard of that typically share the same dimensions. Alaskan King Bed, Wyoming King Bed and Texas King Bed are popular names for certain giant bed sizes.

Giant Bed Example

What Are The Benefits of a Giant Bed?

The obvious benefit is the abundance of space for sleeping. No longer will you be fighting for room in a giant bed (especially if there is just two of you). Giant beds will safely accommodate all those who sleep in it and whatever sleeping position they desire (starfish is my personal favourite).

Giant beds also offer room for a few pets. Not everyone likes sleeping with their pets on the bed, but those that do tend to find space can be a bit of an issue. However, with a giant bed, those issues will be gone.

Perhaps you and your partner enjoy sleeping in the same bed but require different mattress firmness. Zip & link mattresses will enable you to choose a different mattress firmness each while still giving you enough room for you to sleep how you like.

Hoteliers can also offer that ‘wow’ factor with the surprise of a giant bed. To many, a giant bed would be a novelty as it would be seen as unpractical for regular households. But those hotels looking to go the extra mile may find that giant beds are a great way to lure in new customers, just for the experience of sleeping on a giant bed.

What Named Giant Beds Are Available?

There are many options of giant beds available that fall under a name that defines the dimensions. But you aren’t limited to these pre-determined sizes. As giant bed frames and mattresses are made-to-order they can be manufactured to any size you desire. Should you want a giant bed that does not conform to known giant bed sizes, we can do that for you.

Below are names of giant beds that, over time, have solidified themselves into the bedroom furniture industry.

Giant Bed Name Inches Centimetres
Wyoming King 84'' x 84'' 213 x 213 cm
Texas King 98'' x 80'' 249 x 203 cm
Alaskan King 108'' x 108'' 274 x 274 cm
Double King 152'' x 80'' 386 x 203 cm
Family Bed 114'' x 84'' 289 x 213 cm

As you may have guessed, these giant beds have originated from America and these names and sizes have been adopted by the bed frame and mattress industry all around the world. The Alaskan King bed is currently the most popular size of giant bed available.

Giant Bed Diagram

This naming convention is not set in stone like standard sizes (Double, King Size etc) as the sizes and even names may differ depending on who you ask. So before ordering over the phone, it would be best to state the exact measurements you require.

What Giant Size Bed Frames Are Available?

When it comes to giant bed frames, divan beds are the way to go. They are built with durability and stability in mind and this goes hand-in-hand with the size needed for giant beds.

We offer a range of styles for our divan beds. From low to the ground styles, on wooden legs, reinforced divan bed bases and even quarterised divan bed bases to help you navigate tight hallways and help fit the base into your room of choice.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of giant beds, our ottoman side lift divan bed bases and ottoman end lift divan bed bases are not available in giant size. The biggest size available in these options will be a super king size.

What Giant Size Mattresses Are Available?

All of our mattresses are available in giant sizes, however, pocket spring and open coil model sizes must be divisible by 3 (in inches) due to the way the mattresses are manufactured to help fit the coils that are found within the mattress itself. For example, a 7-foot (84 inches) by 7-foot mattress would be perfectly fine since 84 inches is divisible by 3.

With reflex foam and memory foam, it’s a different story. You may opt for any size combination you can think of. Our manufacturing process with these foam materials allows us to cut any size possible. So if it’s a size bed you want that isn’t divisible by 3, then your only option will be our foam models.

What Giant Size Headboards Are Available?

All of our headboards on HotelContractBeds are available to fit any width bed frame you desire. Choose from our large range of on-site headboards and we will custom manufacture your chosen headboard to fit your giant bed.

What Storage Options Are Available In Giant Sizes Bed Frames?

We have a great range of storage options for our divan beds, and for our giant divan beds, that’s no different. From four side drawers to suitcase storage, there are plenty of options to choose from. Utilise the space underneath your giant bed frame to maximum effect.

Giant bed storage options

However, due to the nature of giant beds, we cannot offer guest bed storage underneath your giant bed. Those have been specifically designed to fit the needs of standard UK sized beds.

What Fabric Colours Are Available For Giant Beds?

The fabrics available for our giant beds are the same as our standard sized divan beds. There are 11 available to look at online from a total of 24 colours available.

These 24 fabrics colours also apply to the headboard of your choice.

We are more than happy to send out a free fabric swatch so you can take a look at each of the 24 colours we have on offer.

With the nature of high traffic commercial markets, bed frames can easily become scuffed or damaged. That’s why we offer an exclusive liquid-repellent stainguard vinyl that can be applied to your fabric colour of choice.

This highly resilient contract vinyl is easily wiped clean with a suitable cleaning solution and contains antibacterial and anti-fungal treatments.

For those wanting to supply their own custom fabric for their giant bed base and headboard, you’ll be able to do this. We can upholster our divan bed bases and headboards in any material, allowing you to truly get a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

Sadly, we will not be able to treat your custom fabric with our stainguard vinyl. This option is only available with our HotelContractBed fabric colours.

Can I Buy a Giant Bed For My Home?

In short, absolutely. While we normally cater to the commercial market and all our bed frames and mattresses pass stringent fire regulation tests (crib 5), we are more than happy to supply to the domestic market.

We understand that many of our customers have slept on our beds before while staying at hotels and desire this hotel quality in their homes too.

How Do I Order My Giant Bed Frame and Mattress?

Since giant beds are made to order, we only take orders for giant beds over the phone or by e-mail. Our sales team will be more than happy to help run you through the different options you have with our giant beds, making sure you get the bed of your dreams.

Call our sales team on 01234 834693 (Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm) or alternatively you can send an e-mail enquiry at

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