5 Best Hotel Mattresses for 2022 to Buy for Your Home

Buying hotel grade mattresses for your home is very popular. Having the perfect night sleep away on holiday at a fancy hotel or B&B doesn’t have to be confined to memories. Here at HotelContractBeds, we also cater for the domestic market.

We understand that many people enjoy our high-quality mattresses away from home, so why not let them bring that comfort home with them? So often we will find customers have uncovered the mattress to find what they were sleeping on.

We have a wide range of hotel mattresses (or commercially known as contract mattresses) to cater for every need.

Hotel mattresses are legally required to pass strict flame retardant tests and these regulations (known as Crib 5) are checked on every single mattress. These tests ensure that the product will not go up in flames should a fire break out.

While these tests are not required for the domestic market, all of our mattresses, whether we sell to the commercial or domestic market, will still adhere to these regulations.


Explore our recommendations for the Best Hotel Mattresses For Home, all at different price points to help you find the perfect hotel-grade mattress. Use the links below.

natural choice 6000 mattress label

Pocket Dream 1000 Mattress

First on our list for hotel mattresses for home is the Pocket Dream 1000. An entry-level pocket-spring mattress boasting 1000 independent unique iDentity pocket springs that help give you contoured support throughout your body as you sleep.

Multiple layers of hypoallergenic fillings are layered on top of the spring unit and held in place with cotton tufts.

We then cover the fillings with our exclusive soft touch knitted mattress fabric which is exceptional for moisture absorption, maintaining your comfort throughout the night.

You’ll often find the Pocket Dream 1000 at establishments such as Days Inn, Ramada Hotels and Welcome Break. The Pocket Dream 1000 is also of similar ilk to what Premier Inn uses for their mattresses.

This 10’’ deep entry-level contract mattress offers exceptional value for money, providing you with the comforts of a hotel quality grade mattress at home without the steep price.

Sizes Available: Small Single (2’6’’), Single (3’0’’), Large Single (3’6’’), Small Double (4’0’’), Double (4’6’’), King Size (5’0’’), Super King Size (6’0’’).

Chelsea Open Coil Mattress

Next on our list is the Chelsea Open Coil mattress. A particular favourite within the Air-BnB and Independent Guest House industry.

This low barrier to entry mattress has a 9” depth and offers the user a medium feel. Manufactured with multi-layered hypoallergenic fillings and our exclusive soft-touch knitted fabric, you’ll no doubt awaken from a deep sleep fully refreshed.

The soft-touch knitted fabric is exceptional at removing moisture, along with the side air vents that allow moisture to dissipate throughout the day.

The flag-stitched turning handles that are attached to both sides of the mattress ensure that the act of flipping the mattress is easily performed.

Sizes Available: Small Single (2’6’’), Single (3’0’’), Large Single (3’6’’), Small Double (4’0’’), Double (4’6’’), King Size (5’0’’), Super King Size (6’0’’).

Monarch 1500 Mattress

The next step up in grade is the Monarch 1500 Pocket Spring Mattress. Providing a slightly firmer feel than the Pocket Dream 1000 and an inch thicker in depth (11’’ deep), the Monarch 1500 is a popular choice for Boutique Hotels.

Lovingly manufactured in our UK workshops, the 1500 unique iDentity pocket springs work independently from one another, providing exceptional spinal support as well as allowing the hips and shoulders to be contoured by its design.

The mattress borders are side stitched and include a butterfly support spring clip to provide extra strength to the edge of the mattress which helps provide lasting support for side sleepers.

You’ll find the Monarch 1500 often being used at Sykes Cottages and HF Holidays.

Sizes Available: Small Single (2’6’’), Single (3’0’’), Large Single (3’6’’), Small Double (4’0’’), Double (4’6’’), King Size (5’0’’), Super King Size (6’0’’).

Posture 2000 Mattress

The Posture 2000 pocket spring unit is part of our firmer feel orthopaedic backcare range - ideal for people who like to sleep on their front or side.

The top surface is completely flat, meaning it has no hand-tufted buttons that sometimes users may find uncomfortable.

Under the completely flat surface, you’ll find higher quality hypoallergenic fillings, along with a firmer feeling of 2 inches of memory foam for the ultimate in comfort.

The flat surface itself is our exclusive 3D jersey knitted yarn which is 100% natural and extremely soft on the touch.

The 2000 pocket springs ensure that partners will not ‘roll-together’ should one be much heavier than the other.

The incorporated memory foam increases the comfort of the top of the mattress. It is exceptionally absorbent, removing moisture to ensure that you stay dry whilst you sleep therefore keeping your body at a constant temperature.

Sizes Available: Small Single (2’6’’), Single (3’0’’), Large Single (3’6’’), Small Double (4’0’’), Double (4’6’’), King Size (5’0’’), Super King Size (6’0’’).

Natural Choice 6000 Mattress

The ‘Crème de la crème’ of hotel grade mattresses. The Natural Choice 6000 boasts 4 layers of 1500 unique iDentity pocket springs that are nested in a honeycomb formation to maximise the support given.

Made lovingly in our UK workshops, each spring is made from the finest quality steel and is encased in its own calcio pocket to ensure breathability through the entire mattress.

Laid over the 6000 springs you’ll find long-lasting natural fibres to give a sumptuous feel. On top of this, we layer springy wool to help with insulation - allowing the mattress to feel warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Cashmere silk is used for its moisture absorbency, unique softness and incredibly sumptuous feel. Cashmere silk is eight times warmer than sheep’s wool and is extremely strong to help with the durability of the mattress.

This is then covered in a 100 per cent natural, cool viscose fabric to provide a soft and breathable surface and ensure a fresh and hygienic night’s sleep.

Sleep comfortably in the knowledge that this mattress is covered by a 10-year warranty.

Sizes Available: Small Single (2’6’’), Single (3’0’’), Large Single (3’6’’), Small Double (4’0’’), Double (4’6’’), King Size (5’0’’), Super King Size (6’0’’).

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