The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms In The World 2017

Due in part to the general economic upturn, and in part to exploding industries and industrial development, there are now unprecedented numbers of new millionaires and even billionaires all over the globe. So you’re a comically rich, travel inclined mogul of some description, where do you stay while you holiday? Well, you could probably find satisfactory accommodation that meets your needs and doesn’t quite exceed an average salary per night, but what would be the multi-millionaire fun in that?

While the traditional five-star rating is still pretty respected, you’ve got newer hotels popping up in ultra-wealthy places like Dubai boasting crazy seven-star ratings. This level of gold-plated, insanely opulent and infinitely luxurious accommodation doesn’t come cheap though, with prices anywhere from $12,000 all the way up to $68,000 per night, these are some of the most expensive hotel rooms and suites in the world.

Ty Warner Penthouse Suite – Four Seasons New York - $45,000 per Night

The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite is a masterclass in architectural design, luxury and style. Situated in the heart of New York City, at the Four Seasons, this penthouse suite pulls no punches. This suite can accommodate two adults and a child, with an additional bedroom available on request, and boasts 52nd floor, 360-degree views of the surrounding city, which, when the weather’s right, are absolutely breath-taking.

Occupying 400sqm, and featuring an amazing variety of specially selected artwork, chosen from a range of renowned international artists to compliment the rooms, this penthouse suite is absolutely nothing to be sniffed at. Also included is a library, four balconies, a chromatherapy infinity soak tub, an oversized Dornbracht steam rain shower experience, exclusive use of the hotel Rolls Royce and driver, and a round-the-clock Guest Relations Manager. That lot doesn’t come cheap, however, a night in the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite will set you back an impressive $45,000, putting it high on the running as one of the most expensive hotel rooms, worldwide.

The Burj Al Arab – Dubai - $2,000-$12,000 per Night

Dubai is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most insanely expensive and luxurious locations on the planet, and the Burj Al Arab is no different to the rest of the place. While no singular room or suite is as staggeringly expensive as some of the others mentioned in this article, the Burj Al Arab is one of the most consistently expensive hotels in the world. Even the cheapest rooms are more than $2000 per night, and the most expensive wander into the ludicrous territory of $12,000 per night.

With all of their suites being luxurious duplexes, and use of the hotel Mercedes, Rolls Royce and even helicopter transfer service, not to mention butlers part and parcel, this is one of the most extravagant and opulent hotels on the planet. Obviously, no ordinary building would do, so the Burj Al Arab is situated in the third tallest hotel building in the world. The building is an architectural marvel that photos struggle to convey the enormity or elegance of, and the hotel has been repeatedly voted the most luxurious in the world. With that comes the price tag that also sets it apart as one of the most expensive.

The Royal Suite – Mandarin Oriental London UK - $23,000 per Night

Located close to Hyde Park in London, the Royal Suite at the Mandarin Oriental is the most expensive hotel suite in the UK. Costing more than $23,000 per night (£18,000), the Royal Suite features views over Hyde Park, a huge balcony which can accommodate up to forty people, and a personalised butler service.

Boasting rock crystal chandeliers, as well as original 18th century Chinese paintings, and capable of accommodating seven people, the Royal Suite sprawls over 242sqm of premium London floor space. The high price tag comes with some truly amazing features, and as a base from which to explore the varied and highly cultural city of London, you literally cannot do any better.

The Royal Penthouse Suite – Hotel President Wilson Geneva, Switzerland - $68,000 per Night

This is the big one, the single most expensive hotel room in the whole world at $68,000 per night. Boasting some pretty famously wealthy previous occupants such as Richard Branson, Michael Douglas and Bill Gates. The Royal Penthouse Suite features a private elevator, its own gym, maximum security, as well as a truly spectacular view of Lake Geneva.

This suite can accommodate six people across its twelve bedrooms and bathrooms, all sprawled over 1680sqm of floor space. Just in case you get bored of the spectacular views, there’s also a 103 inch Bang & Olufson television, which is a pretty special way to watch a movie while unwinding in the evening. The bathroom is something special to behold too, featuring a Jacuzzi, sauna, mirror TV, as well as a ‘rainforest’ shower.

Which suite would you prefer to spend one night in?