What Are Zip and Link Beds?


What Are Zip and Link Beds?

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Zip and link beds are two beds (usually single) which can remain separated or be attached together to form a larger bed (i.e. one double/king size).

Zip and link beds are attached by the base with secure metal/brass links. Special zip and link mattresses are fastened together using a robust zipped seam.

This style of bed is commonly sought by hotels and guest accommodation providers, as it is a versatile option which enables variable room occupancy.

A Zip And Link Bed

The Benefits of Zip and Link Beds

Individual Mattress Support

A zip and link bed can be used as two single beds, or joined together to form one larger bed. This means that two separate mattresses are used, allowing users who share a bed to each experience the benefits and support of a single mattress.

This is perfect for sleeping partners who have difference comfort preferences, as they can use two mattresses with different support levels.

Easy to Install

In places which are difficult to access, such as hotels with multiple floors, narrow corridors etc. zip and link beds can be easier to install.

Handling the two single sections of the bed separately also reduces the amount of weight being carried.

Versatile Sleeping Solution

The zip and link is a versatile and cost-effective bed, which quickly and easily change a room’s capacity and arrangement according to the occupant’s needs. A twin room (two singles) can become a double room (one double/king size); a family room (one double, one single) can become a triple room (three singles).


Zip and Link FAQs

Will you feel the seam/zip between the mattress?

Zip and link mattresses are specially designed so that the zips do not interfere with your comfort when sleeping. The zips are attached to the sides of the mattress just beneath the mattress edge.

However, you might be slightly aware of the seam, simply because it’s not a complete mattress surface. You can use a mattress topper if this is a problem for you.

Can I attach a headboard?

You can use a regular headboard as normal with a zip and link bed. However, if you use one large headboard it will need to be removed before you can separate the bed.

The majority of hotels use two matching single headboards (some are specially designed for zip and link beds) which can permentantly stay attached to each single bed base.

What do I need to know when buyin a zip and link bed?

If you are buying a bed for your hotel/bed & breakfast/guest house or any non-domestic environment you must ensure your bed adheres to industry fire safety standards such as crib/source 5 (all HotelContractBeds beds comply with these standards).


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If you have any questions relating to zip and link beds/mattresses, please comment below or contact us and we will be happy to help.

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