Around the World in 18 Gestures


Around the World in 18 Gestures

10/03/2015 / Added By

Wherever you're travelling, the number one thing you DON'T want to do is upset the locals. 

Every country is different in the way they speak and communicate with one another, and what is considered acceptable in the UK is not always acceptable overseas.

In fact, some of the 'innocent' getsures we use over here - like the OK sign - are considered extremely offensive in other parts of the world; using the OK sign in Greece, Spain or Briazil is not a good idea.


Because the OK symbol in those countries actually represents a bodily orifice...if you use that symbol in a conversation with a local you're basically calling them an a**hole - which is probably not a good idea.

Read the infographic below to discover other UK gestures that are misunderstood in different parts of the world - and learn some new ones. 

Around the World in 18 Gestures

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