8 Outrageous, Bizarre and Awesome Hotel Amenities

Hotel services or amenities are often things that catch us by surprise and can make our stay just that little more enjoyable. Such things as free Wi-Fi, chocolates on the pillows or fresh bathrobes ready for us to cosy up in are all part of what makes an experience at a hotel stand out from the rest.

But there are hotels in the world that go above and beyond the point of expectation and offer services that sometimes you just can’t believe are real.

Here is a list of 8 hotel amenities that are either outrageous, bizarre or just plain awesome. You decide.

Goldfish for Hire

Having company while travelling or on a business trip is not a luxury we all can say we have. The Happy Guest Lodge aims to eradicate the feeling of loneliness by offering you the service of hiring their pet goldfish for company.

The goldfish called ‘Happy’ can be hired for as little as £5 per stay. While the more traditional sort of company you’d spend a night in a hotel with may annoy you by waking up early or wanting to watch something else on the television, Happy the goldfish will be content with whatever you get up to. Just remember to feed him.

goodDOG in Partnership with BarkBox

Locking pets away in cages is not my idea of a ‘pet-friendly’ hotel, and a hotel in Midtown Manhattan certainly thinks so too.

The Benjamin Hotel offers a service that would be irresistible to any canine. The goodDOG program which is in partnership with a pet treat curator called BarkBox, offers to treat guest dogs with the same level of service as their masters.

Dogs that spend a night in this hotel can expect an assortment of delicious amenities, including an in-room pet mini bar. In conjunction with BarkBox, pets will receive a box full of treats, toys and hygiene products. The only problem is that once it’s time to go, your pet might not want to leave.

Nightbird Studios Package

If sing and songwriting is your passion, then Sunset Marquis’ Nightbird Studios package is the ideal hotel experience for you.

Deemed “one of the best sounding recording studios in the world”, drawing inspiration from this fantastic setting wouldn’t be hard to come by. For people lucky enough to experience this package, they will also be offered 24-hour room service, valet and premier concierge services and onsite massage and spa treatments after a long day of music-making.

Aerial Yoga Classes

If yoga isn’t your thing, you might be surprised that aerial yoga might be. At Six Senses Laamu, daily aerial yoga classes are available to all those wishing to exercise their way to well-being.

You will be suspended from a hammock made from soft and supple parachute-silk fabric, allowing you to perform endless ranges of movement.

Sharing the mind and body connection principles of a more traditional yoga practise, aerial yoga also removes the compression from the spine and opens up your joints leading to healthy stress and tension release.

Arrive in Style

Repeatedly voted the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers some truly unique and memorable services to help fulfil its prestigious title.

Guests can opt to arrive at the hotel via a helicopter transfer which will first give them a 15-minute birds-eye-view of the city before landing on the hotel’s helipad on the 28th level.

If a helicopter ride isn’t your cup of tea you can choose from their array of impressive motor vehicles such as a Rolls Royce Phantom or a Mercedes S400. Spoilt for choice really aren’t you?

The Golden iPad

Another service from the incredibly famous Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel, the golden iPad. The 24-carat gold iPad is offered to every guest upon check-in and will act as a “virtual concierge”.

The device will allow guests to access hotel information as well as their extensive range of hotel services such as a butler or housekeeper, restaurant menu and even a spa menu.

Many would see the Golden iPad as a needless amenity, but it just serves as a quick reminder as to how prestigious this hotel is.

Plastic Surgery? 24 /7 On Call Doctor Ready

With plastic surgery on an all-time high, it’s not really surprising that a hotel has catered itself to those that went under the knife.

The Pierre is an iconic U.S flagship of Taj Hotels that overlooks Central Park. It offers people that have undergone plastic surgery a place to stay and rest, all with peace of mind that the surgeon-in-chief Robert Green, M.D and a house doctor are on call 24 hours a day just in case any post-op problems occur.

The hotel even offers a specially designed menu by top nutritionists that will help courage the healing process.

Tail in One City Package

The Benjamin Hotel isn’t the only hotel with fantastic pet services. ‘Tail in One City’ is a package offered by the Nine Zero hotel that is sure to make your furry friend feel like a king or queen.

The standard amenities for pets such as pet beds and bowls are available, but what makes Nine Zero stand out is its pet sitting, grooming, walking and even massage services.

Modern life can be hectic, especially in a bustling city, but your pets should never be neglected because of this. A pet walking service is a great way to keep your pet happy when you just don’t have the time to walk them (granted, this service should never be used more than it should. Your pets will always love you yourself walking them instead).

With a 50-acre public park close by, walking pets in the city is a joy to be had.


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