The Price of a Balanced Diet Around The World (Infographic)

Everyone is entitled to a balanced and healthy diet. Food is essential to our physical health and well-being - but prices across the world can vary dramatically.

According to Numbeo, a daily shopping list for keeping a balanced diet of 2000 calories would look like this:

  • Milk (0.25L)
  • Bread (130g)
  • Rice (0.13kg)
  • Eggs (3.6)
  • Cheese (0.15kg)
  • Chicken Breasts (0.25kg)
  • Apples (0.34kg)
  • Oranges (0.34kg)
  • Tomatoes (0.21kg)
  • Potatoes (0.25kg)
  • Lettuce (0.15 head)

In London, the average minimum amount of money this shopping list would cost is currently £6.47

That's £200.57 per month (based on 31 days)! Who really spends that much on food for themselves?!

(Clearly, we're not eating the recommended amount)

But how does this fair up with the rest of the world? The same shopping list costs 104% more in Hong Kong; the equivalent of £13.25. India was the cheapest, at only £1.95.

Check out the infographic below for more prices and facts, and see how long you could live off a food budget of £1,000 in each country.

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Infographic Transcript: The Price of a Balance Diet Around The World

Based on a recommended balanced diet of 2000 calories, compared with London, UK prices.

London, England
Receipt For 1 Day's Shopping

Item Amount Price
Milk (regular) 0.25 litre £0.24
Load of Bread 130g £0.26
Rice (white) 0.13kg £0.20
Eggs 3.60 £0.70
Local Cheese 0.15kg £1.04
Chicken Breasts 0.25kg £1.82
Apples 0.34kg £0.65
Oranges 0.34kg £0.65
Tomatoes 0.21kg £0.44
Potatoes 0.35kg £0.33
Lettuce 0.15kg £0.14
TOTAL £6.47

Paris, France

Total: £8.43
30% Dearer Than London

France are the largest consumers of cheese in the world, and produce over 300 different kinds of cheese.

Discovery Bay, Hong Kong

Total: £13.25
104% Dearer Than London

In Hong Kong, the orange is a symbol for wealth/good fortune and completeness and is an important part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Total: £3.57
45% Cheaper Than London

Malaysia is one of the cheapest countries in the world, with chicken breasts only costing on average £0.51 per 0.25kg

Sydney, Australia

Total: £6.63
2% Dearer Than London

Australia’s 6,700 dairy farmers produce around 9.5 billion litres of milk a year.

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Total: £3.63
44% Cheaper Than London

Despite Abu Dhabi being one of the richest cities in the world, the cost of living is actually cheaper than Thailand.

Bangkok, Thailand

Total: £4.11
37% Cheaper Than London

More than half of the labour force in Thailand is involved with rice production.

Zurich Switzerland

Total: £12.09
87% Dearer Than London

The cheapest item for sale in Zurich in 2009 was an egg from a foreign farm costing the equivalent of 21 pence.

Cairo, Egypt

Total: £2.36
64% Cheaper Than London

Lettuce was first used by ancient Egyptians (who considered it a week) they used its seeds to produce oil, before using it as a plant grown for its seeds and leaves.

New York, USA

Total: £6.33
2% Cheaper Than London

In 1943, pre-sliced bread was banned in the USA, but only for 3 months.

Cape Town, South Africa

Total: £2.94
55% Cheaper Than London

Potatoes are an important vegetable crop in South Africa and account for approximately 45% of total vegetable crops produced.

Delhi, India

Total: £1.95
70% Cheaper Than London

India is the world’s third-biggest producer of apples, producing nearly 3 million tonnes in 2012.

Number of days £1000 would allow you to eat a balanced diet of 2000 calories every day (using the London, UK shopping list):

  • Delhi = 512 days
  • Cairo = 423 days
  • Cape Town = 340 days
  • Kuala Lumpur = 280 days
  • Abu Dhabi = 275 days
  • Bangkok = 243 days
  • New York = 157 days
  • London = 154 days
  • Sydney = 150 days
  • Paris = 118 days
  • Zurich = 82 days
  • Discovery bay = 75 days

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