How to Pack Light (Infographic)

Travelling doesn’t have many downsides. With a vast world out there to explore, jet-setting around the world can be a very exciting time. Although there is one task that many of us loathe, and that is packing! Having a partner or parent to do it for us can be just as irritating as items may be missed, so our best bet is to do it ourselves.

With airline baggage restrictions in mind, starting the process of choosing what to take and what not to take is a nightmare in itself.

The infographic below should help you with your packing by providing some great hints and tips. By following these tips, packing for your next holiday should be less of a headache.

Can you share any tips that aren't on the list?

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Infographic Transcript: How To Pack Light

Small Technology - Invest in an e-reader to replace your books and magazines. E-readers are capable of holding 100s of books/magazines.

If you are worried about your clothing becoming creased, invest in a travel iron. They can be extremely handy if your hotel doesn’t provide one.

Utilise Pockets - Stuff every pocket possible in your suitcase. Preferable items for the pockets are toiletries, underwear, socks and swimsuits.

A Shoe-Lining - Lay your shoes along the walls of the suitcase to help create space for other items.

Roll Your Clothes - Rolling your clothes will save space and also prevent your clothes from looking creased.

1. Vacuum-seal storage bags - These storage bags can significantly reduce the amount of space you use per item. Ideal for getting the most out of your suitcase.

2. Wear your bulkiest items on the plane - There are no rules against wearing lots of clothes on the plane. Take advantage!

3. Match everything - Matching your clothes so every item works with everything else will help you minimise the amount you take.

4. Take advantage of carry-on bags - Research the airline's restrictions on carry-on bags, and grab a bag that hits their limit.

5. Get over your shoe obsession - The shoes that don’t go with you on holiday will forgive you. Take only what you need.

6. Pack yourself! - Letting someone else pack is a big no-no. Pack yourself, and this way you can be the judge of what you really need.

7. Write a check-list - Forgetting essential items or taking too much because you decided to pack late is never recommended. Write a check-list days in advance.

8. Know your destination’s climate - The climate of your destination will factor in heavily on your decision whether to bring a big jacket or not. Do your homework.

9. Enjoy the layered look - Wearing lots of clothing with thin layers can be useful. This will allow you to keep in your body warmth and wear a thinner jacket to keep the rain off.

10. Stuff your shoes - Depending on how big your feet are, you can stuff your shoes will all sorts.


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