How to Utilise The Space Saved By a Folding Bed

Folding beds are a fantastic way of saving space either in a small flat, a guest room or children’s bedroom. Folding beds can be stored away flat when not in use, leaving valuable floor space for other things during the day or when there are no guests. Chair/sofa beds or futons provide a second purpose when not required for sleeping. Although they do save space, it pays to remember that the actual floor-space should only be filled with things which are as easy to move as the bed itself to save a lot of hassle when guests do arrive.

Portable Items

If you are using a folding bed regularly as a space saver, either in a child’s bedroom or your own, be sure to use the space you gain during the day wisely. Folding beds do leave you with a lot more room, but you don’t want to be constantly shifting things around morning and night. Try to use the space for more portable items such as the laundry hamper or chairs on castors that can be pushed back against the walls at night. You can even utilise the folding bed itself during daylight hours– a piece of plywood over the top makes a handy sideboard.

Unexpected Guests

If you have children you are no doubt familiar with last-minute requests for so-and-so to sleepover ‘and we promise we’ll be good and go straight to sleep’! Or perhaps you have family members or friends who often drive over for a visit only to agree to that second glass of wine with a beseeching look in their eyes? Whatever the reason, if you often have unexpected guests then a folding bed is a must-have item of furniture. You can wheel it out of storage into whichever room the guest will be staying in at a moment’s notice, then wheel it away again in the morning.

Room to Play

A folding bed or futon in a child’s bedroom can be a godsend, especially for the youngest child in the box room! Being able to move the bed during the day creates valuable play space and also encourages tidying up at the end of the day as the floor must be clear to get the bed out. Your child will have more space for floor puzzles, farm animals or whatever takes their fancy, so long as it can be packed away again when playtime is over.

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