Waterproof Mattresses That Keep You Cool In Summer

A few years ago, sleeping on a waterproof mattress in summer was often synonymous with a night of poor quality sleep, as feeling sticky and sweaty isn’t conducive to the relaxation and comfort that allows us to lull into a deep sleep. But thankfully, this is no longer the case since the innovation of Nautilus fabric.

Fully Waterproof, Breathable & Stain Resistant

Our contract waterproof mattress customers come from a wide variety of sectors, each with their own reasons for requiring a waterproof mattress. But what brings them all to HotelContractBeds, is not only our competitive pricing but also the fact that any of our mattresses in our online catalogue can be covered with Nautilus fabric.

nautilus waterproof mattress

And unlike most waterproof mattress fabrics, Nautilus is actually a breathable fabric, with a moisture control system that allows moisture to quickly evaporate from the fabric’s surface, keeping the patient dry and damp-free. But where most waterproof fabrics simply keep the water out, they also cause a build-up of body heat. This is not so with Nautilus fabric – its breathable nature means that air can freely circulate, keeping temperatures at a comfortable level, and helping to promote a good night’s sleep.

Revolutionary fabric

Nautilis is a popular choice for a range of contract situations, from nursing care homes to student accommodation.

Excellent stain removal has been observed in ink, coffee, fruit juices, ketchup, betadine, blood and suntan lotion - simply wipe away spillages with water and a small amount of bleach.

It’s worth noting that here at HotelContractBeds we can not only supply any of our mattresses in Nautilus fabric but as manufacturers, we can also supply custom sized waterproof mattresses – just give our sales team a call on 01234 834693 to find out more about our competitive pricing.