When to book: Cheapest travel deals across the world


When to book: Cheapest travel deals across the world

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When is the best time to book your hotel room?

It's that age-old question, you're planning your next vacation at what you know is a popular tourist destination - and you're desperately trying to find the 'sweet spot' where prices are lower.

But where can you find that information? Numerous travel companies, friends and colleagues all have very different advice, leaving you more confused than ever before.

Luckily, Agoda.com have saved the day by doing all the hard work for us and created a trip-planning calendar for the 25 most popular tourist destinations worldwide.

Agoda.com analysed booking data from hundreds of thousands of guests to discover when hotel prices were at their cheapest - and found that huge savings can be made just by booking a month later/earlier than originally planned.

Check out the trip-planner below to see when you should book your next holiday:

 Travel Planner

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photo credit: JH Images.co.uk via photopin cc

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