8 Simple Yet Impactful Ways You Can Turn Your Hotel Beds Into Focal Points


8 Simple Yet Impactful Ways You Can Turn Your Hotel Beds Into Focal Points

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Michelle Pegg is the Assurance & Compliance Manager at Hilden, suppliers of towels and bed linen to UK Hotels, B&B’s and Guesthouses. 

Along with opulent styling and a focus on natural and modern lighting, turning your hotel beds into focal points is one of this year’s top interior design trends for hospitality establishments.

This focus on guest beds stems from a deeper awareness of guest enjoyment and satisfaction. Guests are now taking attention to detail into account too, which means that you hotel (and your guestrooms in particular) need to impress.

One of the easiest ways to create this impact is by embracing the aforementioned trend for turning your beds into focal points, with some very simple yet really impactful tweaks and additions.


1. Display towels and bathrobes

Hotel towels and bathrobes are a great thing to use to spruce up your beds. They come at no additional cost, are unobtrusive and – especially with white towels and bathrobes – add a spa-like sense of luxury.

Simply fold them neatly and place them at the foot of your guest beds, with towels on the bottom and bathrobes on the top to ensure the most attractive presentation.

2. Add a few cushions


With so many supermarkets and high street chains stocking quirky, colourful and stylish cushions nowadays, you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your guest beds stand out. Patterns, prints and brighter colours all make an impact and embrace current interior design trends without being too full on. As with towel art however, there is something to bear in mind.

Earlier this year Telegraph readers sent in their own set of hotel bugbears, citing too many cushions on hotel beds as one of their main gripes! We’d advise using three at the most, a number that’s easy for guests to remove, store and put back during their stay and that will stop your beds looking over the top.

3. Accessorise with a bed runner

Bed runners are no longer the staple of your grandmother’s spare bedroom. They’re now the perfect way to add an extra dimension to your beds and make them look even more inviting.

As well as utilising coloured bed runners to brighten up a guestroom and create a bolder atmosphere, take into account the material of your bed runners. Forget chintzy floral cottons in favour of silk or imitation silk, checked or tartan wools or even (if you’re feeling bold) faux fur.

4. Choose the right bed linen


With the right bed linen, even a comparatively un-accessorised bed can be turned into a focal point. If the rest of your guestroom décor is soft and neutral, don’t be afraid to experiment with colour. Deep plums can create a real sense of luxury and rich opulence, while soft greens and blues help to create a relaxing atmosphere.

If you prefer something a little more understated, subtly patterned white bed linen is a great alternative to colour. Elegant satin stripes and sateen finishes are incredibly popular at the moment, and are a classic piece of bed linen design that I see season after season.

5. Upgrade to four poster bed frames

If there’s one thing that’s going to make your guests think “Wow” as soon as they walk into one of your rooms, it’s a four poster bed. With traditional styles reminding people of historic stately homes and more modern styles showing that you strive to be different, four poster bed frames can create a really great first impression.

While the modern styles I’ve mentioned do come cheaper than baroque styles, I understand that not every hotel, guesthouse, B&B or holiday cottage owner will have the budget to splash on a four poster bed. That’s where our next suggestion comes in…

6. Buy beds with headboards


Ordinary bed frames with headboards can be just as impactful as four posters. Even a plain fabric headboard creates an extra element that grabs the eye and draws it towards the bed.

From striking metal designs that form elaborate patterns to, as mentioned above, plain designs that form the ideal backdrop for a few decorative cushions, there are plenty of options available for a range of tastes and budgets.

7. Take into account the little touches



The little touches can make just as much impact as the larger ones, more so in some ways! Leaving chocolates on pillows, a few flower petals on the beds of newly wed couples or even a selection of magazines or city guides at the foot of your beds will show that you really value your guests’ satisfaction, and are willing to go the extra mile to make their stay a special one.

8. Decorate the rest of the room neutrally


To really make your beds the focal point of your guestrooms and prevent them from getting lost in the rest of your décor, utilise a predominantly neutral colour palette across things like wall colour and flooring.

This doesn’t mean you should go wild with white paint though. Robins egg blue, soft olive green, smoky greys and really pale purples are all neutral colours that will stop your guestrooms looking too stark. Utilising these means you can afford to be that little bit more adventurous with the colour of your bed linen and accessories such as cushions.

While the comfort of the beds in your guestrooms should be your primary concern, their actual appearance is becoming more and more important to guests. They’re looking to be wowed by their surroundings and to feel like the owner of the establishment has thought about how every aspect of the place will be perceived.


Have you transformed your hotel beds into focal points that have impressed your guests? Let us know how below!


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