Amazing bed and Headboard Design Ideas

So you’ve just bought a new bed and are perhaps now thinking about decorating your entire bedroom too. Obviously the bed is going to be the focal point of the room as it is often the first thing anyone sees as they enter the room, but another important aspect of the bed is the headboard. With so many headboards on the market these days, most companies offer a customisation package, so that you can be involved in shaping your headboard to our own individual design.

Designer Beds

The amazing Bookshelf Bed, designed by Karen Babel, is created from two interlocking pads, becoming its own headboard when not in use. At night they fit together to create a comfortable sleeping space, and by day sit upright and moved slightly apart to accommodate the bookshelves that are on the wall at all times. This colourful and useful design is great if you need to save some space, and is also a real talking point. Alternatively, saving space doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth with these simpler folding bed alternative designs.

Hotel Room Headboard Ideas

Imaginative and creative hotels and their rooms stand out (see our unique hotels gallery), but you don't have to go over-the-top to make a statement.

For most hotel rooms, the bed is the focal point. That's why a headboard is so important. Whether you have a regular headboard or an entire wall feature depends on the size of the rooms and the theme you're trying to create. Here are some ideas to consider:

You might want to consider incorporating the wall space behind the bed into more than just a 'feature' - by turning it into a built-in shelf like the picture above. This has a dual-purpose and can help make smaller rooms appear bigger.

We like this one; use a large work of art to serve as a headboard. This works well in a plainer, more neutral room as it can bring colour and personality with it. Also, it makes it easier to change the theme of the room in the future as all you need to do is replace the picture/headboard.

Wooden oriental screens make ideal innovative headboards. The intricate carvings make them a highly stylish addition to any room, and can often be picked up at antique markets for surprisingly little.