New Customisable Metal Bed Frames for 2012


New Customisable Metal Bed Frames for 2012

16/01/2012 / Added By

At HotelContractBeds, we like to be the bearers of good news, which is why we’re pleased to announce that yet again, we are adding a new range of products to the site, bringing our customers even more high-quality and cost-efficient contract bed options.

The new range of metal bed frames will make for perfect student beds or for use in other contract environments such as MoD accommodation, hostels and dormitories. This new range encompasses a number of angle iron frame beds, built to withstand heavy duty use and robustly manufactured to last for year after year with little maintenance.

There are twelve new metal bed frames in the range, each based on a sturdy furniture grade steel tube perimeter frame that ensures light but strong construction. Depending on the model, the beds are supplied with a mild steel mesh top or individually sprung birch plywood slats. Product specifications vary, and include:

  • Sturdy 6’3” bed frame length
  • Bed frame heights between 333m and 410mm
  • Bed frames are manufactured with epoxy polyester powder coating in a hardwearing and textured silver or white finish
  • Furniture grade steel tube perimeter frame measuring between 40 x 25 x 1 and 40 x 40 x 3mm


Customisation is King when it comes to this new metal bed frame selection, as each bed frame is available with a number of optional extras above and beyond the standard model. For instance, HotelContractBed customers will be able to choose from a selection of bolt-on legs, including H-frame, plywood skid, steel skid, and wedge fixed headboard and footboard styles with or without castors.

And because the new metal bed frames are designed and manufactured within the UK by an ISO9001 company, we’re able to offer our customers a comprehensive customisation service. So whether there’s a requirement for custom dimensions, bespoke or custom metal bed frame colour, or for any other design requirement, why not just call us on 01234 834 693 for a chat and we’ll see what we can do!

You’ll also be pleased to learn that spare parts, if required in the future, are easy to source for our customers, with many available on next day delivery for your convenience. Check out our metal bed frames category and save up to 60% off RRPs today.

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