Fast Delivery on Customisable Guest Beds


Fast Delivery on Customisable Guest Beds

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We’re well within the throes of tourist season here in the UK, so making the most of your available bed space has probably been on your mind lately. As any guest accommodation proprietor knows, if there’s a way to increase bed space capacity, then the rewards are two-fold; more available bed space for your customers, and an increase in profits for you.

If you’re running a guesthouse, bed & breakfast or similar establishment, you might be looking to offer a more flexible solution than your standard hotel or hostel. Our guest beds can help you to offer a versatile room layout that maximises floor space and helps you to guarantee those last-minute bookings, whatever the size of booking or room requirement. That’s because our trundle and rollaway beds are adaptable options that help you turn a single room into a double, a twin into a family room, or a double into a family room.

Mercury Guest Bed

Our Truro Guest Bed and Mercury Guest Bed are two examples of our low priced, high value rollaway beds. The bed frames we supply are robust and durable, and the extra ‘guest bed’ portion of the frame can be trundled out with ease, making a bed capacity change on individual rooms extremely efficient. The rolled out guest bed area also has its own independent support, creating a flat sleeping area.

Check out our full range for more sizes and styles. 

Remember, our UK mainland delivery is FAST and FREE, so if you’ve got a surprise last minute booking and need that new guest bed pronto, then why not call our friendly HotelContractBeds sales team on 01234 834 693 today.

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